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iCP06 - iBoard Mini (Microchip 28-pin PIC16 Development Board)

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iBoard Mini is a small size 28-pin Microchip PIC16 IO Board with low cost, easy interfacing, high performance, user friendly and come with free Hi-Tech C source code

iBoard Mini is built with simple set of external port connection that fulfilled any type of applications (Motor control, Communication, Sensor, Data Logging, etc..) . With all these IO ports, user can easily plug in different type of IO modules and with different source of supply.


The features of iCP06 are listed as followings:

  • Small size, easy interfacing, high performance and user friendly device
  • Used for programming the 28-Pin PIC16F722 or PIC16F886 Flash PIC MCU
  • Excellent flexibility that allows user to expand the board with plug and play modules
  • Direct migration from iBoard Lite without modifying the source code


Peripheral Features: 

  • NCP1117 - provide +5V voltage supply to PIC Microcontroller
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 15Vdc
  • 20MHz crystal - allow PIC run at maximum speed
  • On/Off button - power on off switch
  • Green LED - power on indicator
  • Screw Terminal - direct wiring connection (battery connection)
  • VS1 and VS2 - different input power supply (PIC supply and external module supply)
  • ICSP Connector - on-board PIC programming
  • IO Port - 3 channels



  • Dimension: 7cm X 2.3cm X 1.1cm
  • Standard 5x1 2.54mm Pin Socket for ICSP connection
  • Standard 6x2 2.54mm Pin Socket for iBoard Module connection



Photos (with iBoard Mini):