Diagram 03 - ICSP Wiring (Multi EEPROM)

Diagram 03 - ICSP Wiring (Multi EEPROM)

These diagrams show how to program the Microchip 11LCXX, 24LCXX, 25LCXX, 93LCXX and HCSXX series with ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming) method.

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These diagrams show how to use iCP02 to program a PIC chip with ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming) method.

    iCP01 & iCP02 Programmer ICSP Connector

VDD Setting (5V or 3.3V):

  • 5V: for EEPROM operating voltage up to 5.0V 
  • 3.3V: for EEPROM operating voltage up to 3.3V


11LCXXX Series:

11LCXXX ICSP Wiring Diagram


24LCXX Series:

24LCXX Series ICSP Wiring Diagram

Note: Set [A2 Chip Select] at PICKit2 software

         A2 Chip Select


25LCXX Series:

25LCXX Series ICSP Wiring Diagram


93LCXX[A/B/C] Series:

93LCxx Series ICSP Wiring Diagram

Note (ORG pin): Vdd = (x16) organization; GND = (x8) organization 

HCSXX Series:

HCSxx Series ICSP Wiring Diagram

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