Software 05 - Signal Stream & Output Trigger

Software 05 - Signal Stream & Output Trigger

adcStream can be used to trigger digital outputs (0V/5V) when the analog inputs value (0V-5V) is higher or lower than the prefix value. This software is great for the sensors input monitoring application.

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adcStream can be used to trigger 6x output signals when the prefix 6x analog input values detected. With this auto trigger function, user can easily apply it to the application that required constantly monitoring and control with direct command from COM port.

Example: Turn on fan when Temp > 38'C, Turn on heater when Temp < 18'C 


The features of adcStream are listed as followings:

  • 6x Analog inputs with 10 bits/5mV resolutions (0V-5V)
  • 6x Digital outputs with higher or lower trigger selection 
  • Adjustable sensing period from 1mSec to 999mSec
  • Green LED indicator for 1x digital input


Supported Operating System: 

  • Windows OS


Supported Models: 

  • iCP12 - usbStick with [iCP12_DAQv1.3_Firmware.hex]


Command Line: 

  • The command lines are using the ASCII format
  • Transmit format: ( xxxxx ), Reply format: < xxxxx >
  • Following commands are available in the communication interface:
  • Function DataAck 
    PP (Port) (PPPort: 1b | Type: 1b : Value: 8b) 
    wPPnw: Write Port A (PPAw:aaaixoxx), n: ABC,
    Note: x:ignored, a:analog, i:input, o:output,
             0:low, 1:high
    (PPAw:aaaixoxx): A0-A2:analog, A3:in, A5:out
    (Analog Stream)
     (ACM | Type: 1b : Value: 8b) 
    eEnable Continuous & Multiple ADC Channel: 
    a: RA0, b: RA1, c: RA2, d: RA3, e: RA5, i: RB2
    dDisable Continuous & Multiple ADC Channel: (ACMd)#
    (Digital Stream)
      (ACM | Type: 1b : Value: 8b) 
     eEnable Continuous & Multiple Digital Channel: (PCMe)
     dDisable Continuous & Multiple Digital Channel: (PCMd)
     TT (Timer) (TTChannel: 1b | Mode: 1b : Value: 4b) 
    tSet Timer0, 100mSec period: (TT0t:100m), m: mili
    dDisable Timer0: (TT0d) #
    rContinuous reading: (TT0r), repeat every 5 seconds
    iCP12 will reply with the data for every period:
    Analog (Dec): <TT0r:a1024|b0123|c0222|d0123|e0552|i0231>
    Digital (Hex):  <TT0r:AxxFF|Bxx99|Cxx12>, Port A, B, C

  • Following with the command line to activate the data streaming:
    • 1. Set PortA as analog port: (PPAw:aaaaxaxx)
    • 2. Enable Continuous & Multiple ADC Channel: 
    •     (ACMe:abcdei), a: RA0, b: RA1, c: RA2, d: RA3, e: RA5, i: RB
    • 2a. To enable Continuous & Multiple Digital Channel: (PCMe)
    • 3. Set Continuous timing, 100mSec period: (TT0t:100m), m: mili
    • 4. Start Data Streaming: (TT0r), repeat same command every 5 seconds 
    • 5. iCP12 will reply with data for every period: 
    •    <TT0r:AxxFF|Bxx99|Cxx12|a1024|b0123|c0222|d0123|e0552|i0231>
    •    Digital (Hex value): Port A, B, C 
    •    Analog (Decimal value): Channel a: RA0, b: RA1, c: RA2, d: RA3, e: RA5, i: RB2


Photos (with iCP12 - usbStick):

  • adcStream v1.0 GUIiCP12 adcStream v1.0



  • iCP12 - usbStick: adcStream v1.0 [exe|hex]: Link
  • FREE Visual Basic 2008 Express Software: Link 


Source Code: adcStream_v1.0 (VB2008)

  • Download link will be provided immediately after payment
  • Please download the file at [My Account][My orders][Order details][Reference]Code Download Link

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