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iCA05 - Graphic LCD Development Kit
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  • iCA05 - Graphic LCD Development Kit
  • iCA05 - Graphic LCD Development Kit with Yellow Backlight GLCD
  • iCA05 - Graphic LCD Development Kit Wiring
  • iBoard Cable connection
  • iCA05 - Graphic LCD Development Kit Back View
  • 128x64 Graphic LCD
  • 128x64 Graphic LCD with Pin Socket
  • iCM19B - External LCD Port

iCA05 - Graphic LCD Development Kit (with Microchip 28-pin PIC16 chip)

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iCA05 - Graphic LCD Development Kit is a complete set of tools for Graphic LCD application using the Microchip PIC16F886 and come with Hi-Tech C source code.


iCA05 - Graphic LCD Development Kit is come with complete set of tools that fulfilled any type of applications (Simple Oscilloscope, Signal Monitoring, Chart Display, etc..). With the external GLCD port, user can easily mount the GLCD at the casing. Also iBoard includes analog ports for sensor input (Temperature, Light, Voltage) with the connections to PIC pins.


 iBoard connection as follows:                       
    PIN  Module                         
 PORTB [J17/J18]    iCM19B - A PORT 
 PORTC [J11/J12]        iCM19B - B PThe features of iCP05 are listed as followings:
  • Easy interfacing, high performance and user friendly device
  • Used for programming the popular 28-Pin Flash PIC MCU, includes PIC16F and PIC18F family
  • Excellent flexibility that allows user to expand the board with plug and play modules


iBoard Lite Features: 

  • NCP1117 - provide +5V or +3.3V Mode voltage selection to PIC Microcontroller
  • 20MHz crystal - allow PIC run at maximum speed
  • Tact Switch - PIC reset circuit
  • On/Off button - power on off switch
  • Green LED - power on indicator
  • Red LED - 3.3V mode
  • Screw Terminal - direct wiring connection (battery connection)
  • VS1 and VS2 - different input power supply (PIC supply and external module supply)
  • ICSP Connector - on-board PIC programming
  • LCD Display Port - direct LCD connection with LED backlight control (LCD Module is not provided)
  • 28-Pin IC Socket - board-mounted female connectors
  • Supply Measurement - detect input voltage level


iBoard Lite Peripheral Features:

  • IO Port - 8 channels
  • Analog Port - 8 channels 
  • Servo Motor Port - 4 channels 
  • USART Port - 1 channel
  • Communication Port (SPI/I2C/USART/PS2/USB) - 1 channel
  • Stepper Motor Port  (ULN2003A - 500mA Darlington driver) - 1 channel
  • DC Motor Port (L293D - with speed and direction control) - 1 channel
  • (ULN2003A & L293D are not provided)
  • Boost/Buck Converter - 1 channel
  • Off-board On/Off Switch - SW1 (VS1 Power Supply), SW2 (VS2 Power Supply)



  • iBoard Lite size: 100mm X 55mm
  • 128x64 GLCD Module size: 113mm x 65mm x 10.5mm
  • Standard 2.54mm Pin Socket for ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming) connection


Package List: 

  • 1x iCP05 - iBoard Lite (Free upgrade to PIC16F886)
  • 1x iCM05 - Blank IO Board 
  • 1x iCM19B - External LCD Port (128x64 GLCD) 
  • 1x 128x64 Graphic LCD Display (Blue or Yellow Backlight) with Pin Socket
  • 2x iBoard Extension Cable: Link
  • Code 02 - Basic Oscilloscope 


iCA05 Wiring Connection: 

  • A0 (AN0) [J5] - Analog Signal Input
  • PORTB [J17/J18] - iCM19B [A PORT]
  • PORTC [J11/J12] - iCM19B [B PORT]
  • Cautions: RED cable must be always at the same side of [+] label! 
  • Wiring mistake will permanently damage the output modules.




Source Code:

  • Download link will be provided immediately after payment
  • Please download the file at [My Account][My orders][Order details][Reference]