iCP04 - Multi dsPIC Adapter
  • iCP04 - Multi dsPIC Adapter
  • iCP04 - Multi dsPIC Adapter
  • iCP04 - Multi dsPIC Adapter

iCP04 - Multi dsPIC Adapter

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dsPIC programming adapter which can supports the PIC24F, dsPIC30 and dsPIC33 family by using single ZIF socket

iCP04 Connection

The Multi dsPIC Adapter offers off board programming with a wide range of dsPIC microcontrollers which available for DIP sizes from 18 to 40 pin.


Features & Specification:

  • ZIF socket for easy programming and removal
  • Used for programming the popular Flash PIC MCU, includes PIC24F, dsPIC30 and dsPIC33 family
  • Clear indication for IC location
  • No external power supply is required, direct power from programmer
  • Small size (Dimension: 7.9cm X 4.0cm X 1.9cm), easy to carry and store
  • Fully compatible with the PICkit2 and iCP02 - USB PIC Programmer


Supported Devices (with iCP02 only):

  • 18 Pin: PIC24HJ12GP201, dsPIC30F2011, dsPIC30F3012, dsPIC33FJ12GP201
  • 20 PinPIC24F04KA201, PIC24F08KA101, PIC24F16KA101
  • 28 Pin
    • PIC24HJ12GP202, PIC24F08KA102, PIC24F16KA102, PIC24FJ32GB002, PIC24FJ64GB002, PIC24HJ32GP202, PIC24HJ32GP302, PIC24HJ64GP202, PIC24HJ64GP802, PIC24HJ128GP202, PIC24HJ128GP502, PIC24HJ128GP802, PIC24FJ16GA002, PIC24FJ32GA002, PIC24FJ48GA002, PIC24FJ64GA002, PIC24FJ32GA102, PIC24FJ64GA102
    • dsPIC30F1010, dsPIC30F2010, dsPIC30F2012, dsPIC30F2020, dsPIC30F3010, dsPIC30F3013, dsPIC30F4012
    • dsPIC33FJ12GP202, dsPIC33FJ64GP802, dsPIC33FJ32GP302, dsPIC33FJ64GP202, dsPIC33FJ64GP802, dsPIC33FJ128GP202, dsPIC33FJ128GP802, dsPIC33FJ06GS102, dsPIC33FJ06GS202, dsPIC33FJ16GS402, dsPIC33FJ16GS502, dsPIC33FJ12MC202, dsPIC33FJ32MC202, dsPIC33FJ32MC302, dsPIC33FJ64MC202, dsPIC33FJ64MC802, dsPIC33FJ128MC202, dsPIC33FJ128MC802
  • 40 Pin: dsPIC30F3011, dsPIC30F4011


NOT Supported Devices:

  • PIC24F04KA200, dsPIC30F3014/4013, dsPIC33FJ12MC201


Photos (PICkit3 connection):

iCP03v2 with PICkit3

Pin Socket for PICkit2 & PICkit3: Link