Software 01 - ioControl (Digital Control & Analog Reading)

Software 01 - ioControl (Digital Control & Analog Reading)

ioControl can be used to control Digital input/output pins and read Analog input signals.

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Software 01 - ioControl (Digital Control & Analog Reading) , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 ratings

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ioControl is built with a multifunctional port that can be applied to many types of applications. With these IO pins, user can easily to control output signals and monitor the input or analog signal with direct connection to COM port.


Supported Operating System: 

  • Windows OS


Supported Models: 


Command Line [with iCP12_DAQv1.2_Firmware.hex]: 

  • The command lines are using the ASCII format
  • Transmit format: ( xxxxx ), Reply format: < xxxxx >
  • Following commands are available in the communication interface:
  • Function DataAck/Reply 
    A (Analog) (A| Port: 1b | Pin: 1b | Type: 1b) 
    r Read ADC value: (AA0r)<AA0r:001024> 
    PP (Port) (PPPort: 1b | Type: 1b : Value: 8b) 
    wPPnw: Write Port A (PPAw:aaaixoxx), n: ABC,
    Note: x:ignored, a:analog, i:input, o:output,
             0:low, 1:high
    (PPAw:aaaixoxx): A0-A2:analog, A3:in, A5:out
    rPPnr: Read Port A (PPAr), n: ABC
    Note: <PPAr:10001000>: A0 - A7
     PU (Pull up)  (PUPort: 1b | Type: 1b : Value: 8b) 
    e PUxe: Enable Port B pull up (PUBe), x: B#
    d PUxd: Disable Port B pull up (PUBd), x: B#
    w PUxw: Write Port B pull up pin (PUBw:11111111)#
    R (Pin Function) (R| Port: 1b | Pin: 1b | Type: 1b) 
    0Set RA0 ouput Low: (RA00)#
    1Set RA0 ouput High: (RA01)#
    iSet RA0 as Input: (RA0i)#
    oSet RA0 as Output: (RA0o)#
    aset RA0 as Analog: (RA0a)#
    Z (Model) (Z| Type: 3b) 
     MDCheck Model: (ZMDr)<ZMDr:iCM12v01>

  • Note 1: Old command (AA0c, DPA, ZMD) are are still supported by v1.2 firmware
  • Note 2: (AA0c), Analog channel select command no longer required in v1.2 firmware



  • with 'usbStick (iCP12)'iCP12_ioControl_v1.1.png

  • with 'usbLink (iCM12) - Digital Mode'ioControl: Digital Control

  • with 'usbLink (iCM12) - Analog Mode'ioControl: Analog Reading



  • NEW: iCP12 - usbStick ioControl v1.1 [exe|hex]: Link 
  • iCP12 - usbStick ioControl v1.0 [exe|hex]: Link , Command
  • iCM12 - usbLink ioControl v1.0 [exe|hex]: Link Command
  • FREE ioControl source code (Visual Basic 2008) with the purchase of iCM12 or iCP12

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