iCM12 - usbLink (Smart USB to Serial Converter)
  • iCM12 - usbLink (Smart USB to Serial Converter)
  • iCM12 - usbLink Back Label
  • iCM12 - usbLink with breadboard
  • iCM12 - usbLink with iBoard Tiny (iCP21)
  • iCM12 - usbLink with iBoard Lite (iCP05)
  • iCM12 - usbLink with iBoard Mini

iCM12 - usbLink (Smart USB to Serial Converter)

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usbLink is a USB to Serial Converter which can support UART port (TX/RX), 4x digital IO or 3x 10-bit ADC input.

usbLink is built with a multifunctional port that can be applied to many types of applications. With these IO pins, user can easily plug in different type of IO modules with direct connection to USB port.


The features of iCM12 are listed as followings:

  • Mini size, easy interfacing, high performance and user friendly device
  • Used with USB 2.0 connection
  • Direct interfacing to breadboard and iBoard series (Tiny, Mini & Lite)
  • Excellent flexibility that allows user to extend the functionality with bootloader feature


Peripheral Features: 

  • 4x IO pins (with 3x 10bit ADC, UART features)
  • UART Baud Rates: 300 bps to 115.2 kbps
  • Operating Voltage: 5Vdc
  • 100mA current output at 5Vdc VDD pin with over-current protection
  • Green LED - power on indicator
  • Red LED - status and mode indicator
  • Bootloader feature



  • Dimension: 5.0cm X 2.3cm X 0.7cm (H)
  • Wire length: ~ 30cm
  • Standard 6x 2.54mm Pin Socket for IO Pin connection



  • Overvoltage or overcurrent may damage the board. Extended exposure to stresses above the Recommended Operating Conditions may affect device reliability.




UART Connection:


Accessories List: (These accessories would be shipped together)

  • iCM12 - usbLink 
  • Preloaded Firmware: HID BootloaderiCM12 Serial Firmware
  • iCM12 firmware can be updated using Microchip USB HID Bootloader via USB port
  • NO programmer is required!

Firmware Upgrade: 

  • Use iBoot to force the iCM12 to enter soft-boot mode (remove all the output device first)
  • Or short the PIN 4,5,6 [R2-R3-GND] together to enter hard-boot mode (remove from USB port first)
  • Then program the iCM12 with provided firmware (iCM12_xx_Firmware.hex) file
   Microchip USB HID Bootloader
  • Press 'Reset Device' to restart the iCM12 module (remove the short pins first for the hard-boot mode)


Firmware Note: 

  • iCM12 Serial Firmware: [R0:N.A.][R1:N.A.][R2:RX][R3:TX]

Photos (iCM12 - usbLink):

  • with 'SerialCommLite'Serial Communication Lite v1.0
  • with 'ioControl - Digital Mode'ioControl: Digital Control

  • with 'ioControl - Analog Mode'ioControl: Analog Reading

  • with 'SmartDAQ'iCM12_SmartDAQ.png



  • iCM12 usbLink Pack v1.0 (driver, firmware, bootloader..): Link
  • FREE Visual Basic 2008 Express Software: Link 


Command Line (for iCM12 ioControl Firmware): 

  • The command lines are using the ASCII format
  • Transmit format: ( xxxxx ), Reply format: < xxxxx >
  • Following commands are available in the communication interface:
  • Function  Data Ack/Reply 
    A (Analog)  (A| Port: 1b | Pin: 1b | Type: 1b)  
    c  - Select Channel R1: (AR1c)     #
    r  - Read ADC value: (AR1r)  <AR1r:001024> 
    D (Data Read)  (D| Type: 1b | Port: 1b)   
    P  - Read Port R: (DPR) <DPR1000xxxx> 
       Note: <DPR1000xxxx>: R0 - R3  
    R (Pin Function)  (R| Port: 1b | Pin: 1b | Type: 1b)  
    0  - Set R0 ouput Low: (RR00) #
    1  - Set R0 ouput High: (RR01) #
    i  - Set R0 as Input: (RR0i) #
    o  - Set R0 as Output: (RR0o) #
    a  - set R1 as Analog: (RR1a) #
    Z (Model)  (Z| Type: 2b)  
     MD  - Check Model: (ZMD)  <ZMD:iCM12v1>



  • Software 01 - ioControl: Link
  • Software 02 - SerialComm: Link
  • Software 03 - SmartDAQ: Link


Source Code: FREE ioControl source code (VB2008)

  • Download link will be provided immediately after payment
  • Please download the file at [My Account][My orders][Order details][Reference]Code Download Link