Software 04 - PWM & Frequency Generator
  • Software 04 - PWM & Frequency Generator

Software 04 - PWM & Frequency Generator

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PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) & Frequency Generator can be used to control PWM pins, generate frequency signals or act as Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) with simple RC filter.

pwmGenerator can be used to generate PWM signals or variable frequency. With these PWM pins [iCP12: RC1, RC2], user can easily to control PWM signals width (0% - 100% @ 8-10bits resolution) with different frequency setting and direct command from COM port.


The features of pwmGenerator are listed as followings:

  • PWM width control at 8-10 bits resolution
  • Width ratio, percentage and DAC voltage display 
  • Adjustable frequency from 3kHz to 200kHz
  • Command line x3 to allow user to transmit iCP12 command


Supported Operating System: 

  • Windows OS


Supported Models: 

  • iCP12 - usbStick with [iCP12_DAQv1.2_Firmware.hex]


Command Line: 

  • The command lines are using the ASCII format
  • Transmit format: ( xxxxx ), Reply format: < xxxxx >
  • Following commands are available in the communication interface:
  • Function  Data   Command   Ack/Reply 
    PM (PWM)  (PM| Port: 1b | Type: 1b : Value : 4b)    
    e  PMxe: Enable PWM1, x: 1,2 (PM1e) #
    d  PMxd: Disable PWM1, x: 1,2 (PM1d) #
    f  Set PWM1 with Frequency 3kHz,
     Freq (Hz): 3k - 200k (PWM1 & 2 same freq)
    (PM1f:003k) #
    r  Set PWM1 with Ratio 50%, 
     Ratio: 0-1023
    (PM1r:0512) #


Photos (with iCP12 - usbStick):

  • pwmGenerator v1.0 GUIpwmGenerator v1.0

  • PWM Waveform with R: 10K & C: 0.1uF [CH1: PWM pin, CH2: RC output]
  • pwm_waveform_47kHz.gif

  • Frequency Waveform with R: 1K & C: 0.1uF [CH1: PWM pin, CH2: RC output]
  • freq_waveform.gif

  • RC Filter circuit
  • RC_filter.png



  • iCP12 - usbStick: pwmGenerator v1.0 [exe|hex]: Link
  • FREE Visual Basic 2008 Express Software: Link 


Source Code: pwmGenerator_v1.0 (VB2008)

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